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February 20, 2018

     Throughout history, farms have played a huge part in any civilization’s ability to flourish and expand. However, as the world’s population continues to grow without showing any signs of slowing down, alternative and more efficient means of farming are needed. This is where hydroponics farming comes into place. Hydroponic farms can produce 7-10 times more produce in the same amount of time, space, and carbon footprint as “traditional” methods of farming. To put that into context, with our greenhouse hydroponic at HydroHouse Farms, we can produce 10 pounds of produce for every 1 pound that would be possible through conventional farming methods.

     Unfortunately, there are two things that tie down hydroponic farming: the stigma associated with it and the misconception that hydroponically grown produce have no flavor. For much of America’s history, people have associated hydroponic farming with marijuana. This is unfortunate because a lot of the world’s unmet needs could be solved with hydroponics. As for the second point, many chefs and local buyers have commented that our produce actually taste better than other brands. Because we are able to constantly monitor the state of our greenhouse, we are able to maintain conditions so that they are always consistent. With how inconsistent weather can get, this allows us to not only grow produce at a faster rate, but also allows us to yield consistent quality vegetables and herbs.

     Supporting locally grown produce in Nashville is important. By doing so, you are essentially voting with your money and encouraging more local farms in the Nashville area to continue providing our city with local, organic, produce. In our case, our produce grown at HydroHouse Farms, located in Hermitage, can be delivered from our farm to your restaurant or dinner table as fresh as possible. While most produce are left sitting at a store for a few days, our produce can get to your table within a couple of hours of harvest, ensuring that you get the freshest vegetables and herbs possible as quickly as possible.

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February 20, 2018

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We combine the benefits of greenhouse agriculture with hydroponics to grow premium leafy greens all year round. We are committed to quality, consistency, and community.

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