Our Mission

 Serving Fresh Local Greens to the Music City

What is HydroHouse Farms?

HydroHouse Farms is a state of the art greenhouse facility located in Nashville, TN.  We use hydroponic grow systems in conjunction with highly advanced environmental controls to produce healthy, fresh, delicious herbs and vegetables for the Nashville area all year round.  We are completely pesticide and herbicide free and use all organic practices in our farming techniques.  Our waste is very minimal and we strive towards creating a completely self-sustaining system. 


What is Hydroponics?

Hydroponic, in Latin, simply means “putting water to work”.  It is a farming method that has existed for centuries dating back to the Ancient Romans and allows farmers to produce quality, healthy crops without the use of soil.  HydroHouse Farms uses an NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) system to grow leafy green vegetables and herbs.  Nutrient water is pumped from a central reservoir through the roots of the plants and then collected back into the reservoir.  Very little water is wasted in this system. 


Why Hydroponics?

Compared to traditional soil farming, hydroponic methods can produce 10 times more crops in the same given space, while using up to 10 times less water.  By running nutrients directly through the roots, plants will take up only what they need and do not have to spend energy searching for the nutrients as they do in soil.  This will allow them to grow much faster and much more effectively than they would in the field.  By using so much less space, this method of farming is very practical for urban environments where space is becoming more limited by the day.  Hydroponics also allows for production in regions where soil is either inaccessible or infertile such as desserts or mountainous areas.


Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

CEA implements various modern technologies to create an optimal environment for healthy food production.  HydroHouse Farms uses a series of ventilation fans, louvers, heaters, and a natural evaporative cooling wall to maintain the ideal temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels required for efficient plant production.  When used in conjunction with hydroponics, CEA will allow a farmer to consistently produce at a high level, all year round, regardless of external weather conditions.  This is quickly becoming a huge advantage and necessity given the escalating unpredictability of the Earth’s climate.